TenStep Libraries

The following libraries contain a wealth of additional project management and related content. Together, all of these libraries represent the total TenStep® Project Management Methodology.

Most of these libraries are reserved for licensed users. This table below describes the various TenStep libraries and the license level required to access them. For example, you must have a company license to access the Extended Template Library. If you are a Member, you will only have access to the Member Template Library.

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TenStep® Project Management Process (Members sections)

Member Template Library

TenStep Suite Libraries


Company License


TenStep Project Management Process

TenStep Process View

TenStep Process eBook (PDF)

TenStep Process eBook (Word)

Visio Process Flowchart Library

Process Descriptions Library


Member Template Library

Basic Template Library

Extended Template Library

Sample Template Library



Additional content/columns ("the Corners")

Project Management Corner Library

Quality Corner Library

Management Corner Library

HR Corner Library

Education Corner Library


TenStep e-Book Library (PDF)


Training / learning

Audio Learning Library

e-Class Library

Plain Talk Library

Webinar Library


Optional Value-Add Methodologies

LifecycleStep™ IT Lifecycle Methodology

ProgramStep™ Program Management Methodology


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