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This page contains supplemental content of interest to project managers, managers and project team members. This content will increase your exposure into general project management and management concepts and ideas. All of these documents are in PDF format.

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The ABCs of ABC

Acceleration Talent Pools

The Accountability Agreement

Activity-Based Costing - Implementation

Agents of Change

Alleviating Criticism

Analysis Paralysis

The Art of Benchmarking - Demystified!

At Your Service!

Avoiding Pitfalls

Bad Timing

Balanced Scorecard Approach - Hope for the Future

Be a Roman in Rome - Avoiding Cultural Clashes in Joint Ventures

Be Wary of Vendor References, But Use Them to Your Advantage

Benchmarking - A Tool to Achieve World-Class Performance

Benchmarking - Some Myths

Best Techniques for Better Performance 

Blueprint of Work

Brain Drain

Can You Overlook Risk?

Capturing Knowledge

Cascading Goals and Rewards

Cashing in on Suggestions

The Changing Equation

Charting the Right Moves

Checklist: What Knowledge Management Systems Should Deliver

Choicest of All!

Combating Churn-CRM in Subscription-Based Businesses

Communicating Ethics

Companies Should Have an Overall Strategy to Guide Staffing Decisions

Company Security Requires Coordination from Many Groups

Compensation Redefined

Consider Small and Medium-Sized Consulting Firms

Considerations for Making an Acquisition

Constructive Criticism

Consulting Fundamentals

Corporate Fidelity

Corporate Foolhardiness

Corporate Hush Hush!

Corporate Interiors

Corporate Kick Start!

Corporate Rupture

Corporate Sickness

Corporate Souvenirs

Corporate Valuation

Create an Aligned Enterprise to Get Everyone Moving in the Same Direction

Creative Catalysis

The Creative Eye

Creative Managers

Crisis Conversation!

Critical Issues Facing Customer Service Organizations

Cross Cultural Communication

Customer 'Centricity' and Innovation!

Customer Delight

Data Warehouses

Decision-Making Process

Defusing Crisis

Demystifying Knowledge Management

Design for Environment (DFE)

Designing the Sales Plan

Detailed Project Report

Developing Employees for Future Challenges

Development Architecture

DFE - Impact Reduction During Product Use

DFE - Materials and Recycling

DFE - Optimizing Production Processes

DFE - Packaging and Transportation

DFE - Product Conceptualization

DFE - Product Design and Optimization

Diminishing Productivity!

Direct and Indirect Exporting

Discover the Potential of Chief Learning Officers

Distinction Between an Entrepreneur and a Manager

Do not be Baffled!!

Dos and Don'ts of Crisis Management

The Down and Outers

Downsizing or Rightsizing?

E-Commerce Strategy


Eco-Efficiency - The Basics

Electronic Performance Support Systems

Elementary Motivation

The Elusive Competitive Advantage

Embracing the Five Forces

Employee Resentment - A Cause of Concern

Employment Contracts Gain Ground

The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle

Extraordinary Leadership in Tough and Challenging Times

Feasibility Plans

Financial Projections

Five Commandments for a Successful Small Business 

Flex Your Right

Focus Costs on What Counts - Use Activity-Based Costing

The Four S Strategy

The Friday Syndrome

From Over to Makeover 

Frustration Culture - Your Company's Actions Don't Live Up to Its Lofty Principles

Gain More Complete Performance Feedback with a 360 Degree Review Process

Getting Reviews Right

A Great Place to Work!

Great Talkers are Great Doers

Group Decision Making

Group Dynamics

Groups - Individuals Who Work Together for a Common Goal


Habit Traps in Communication

Holding On To Your Best People

Honing Employees' Hidden Skills

Impact of Workplace Flexibility

Implementing Knowledge Management

Improvement Opportunities

Informal Group Dynamics at Work

Informal Rewards

Innovate to Survive

Innovation Remixed

Innovation Unplugged!


Kaizen for You

Knowledge-Based Strategies

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the Solution 

Knowledge Management - The Power Play

Knowledge Management Utilization Examples

Leader- The Cheerleader

Leaders vs. Laggards

Leadership and Alignment

Leadership at its Best!

The Leadership (R)evolution

Leading from Vision to Implementation

Leading Technically

Leading Up the Spiral

Learn How to Set Up and Run a Project Management Office

Learn When to Use Live Transactional Data Versus a Data Warehouse

Learning Content Management Systems

Lifecycle Inventory

The Lighthouses of Success

Loyalty through Enthusiasm?

Mail Manners

Management Governance is Needed to Enforce Organizational Standards and Policies

Managing Difficult Customers

Managing e-Assets

Managing Mad Hatters

Managing People Tactfully

Manufacturing Process Benchmarking

Mapping Hearts and Minds

Market-Based Technological Innovation

Marketing to the Senses

Measuring Performance through Value-Based Management

Middle Leaders: Today's Corporate Fiefs

Minimizing the Layoff Guilt

Motivating Managers

Moving to the Top

Multiple Choices - The Flexi Way

Multiple Projects and Constraints

Multi-Skilling - An Essential Ingredient

Nature's Gift

The Need for Function Points

Net Present Value


Non-Cash Rewards

On a Shooting Spree

Online Knowledge Management

The Open Space Style

Opportunity-Based Organizations

Opportunity Knocks

Organizational Communication

Organizational Fitness Profiling (OFP)

Organizational Health

Overview of Capital Budgeting


Paving the Way for Multilingual Employees

The PDCA Cycle of Systematic Development

The Pecking Order

Performance Appraisal - Management by Objectives

Performance Appraisal Blues

Planning a Sales Call

Planning for Emergencies

The Position Class

Practical Ideas!

Precursor -  An Approach to Forecasting

The Principles of Change


Process Maps are for All!

Quantified Performance

The Rational Decision-Making Model

Reach Out to Partners

Recognition - The Biggest Reward

Remote Control

Research Tricks

The Resonance Way

Restructuring Organizations

Rewards in Sync

The Right Measure

The Right Mix

Right Person, Right Job

The Rigid Structures

Safe 'N' Sound

Salary Negotiations

Say It Isn't So!

Scaling Responsibility

Scenario Analysis

The Scorecard


Self-Managed Teams are Still Relevant in Today's Agile Organizations

Shifting Focus

Social Entrepreneurship

Soft yet Powerful

Sound Strategies for Success

Split Personality

Spot Your Management Style

Spread the Word

Strategic Communication

The Strategic Edge

Struggle for Change

Tacit Knowledge

Taking Knowledge Management to the Next Level

Technical Analysis

Technical Certifications from the Staff Perspective

Techno-Savvy: The New Mantra


The Three Point Entrepreneurial Formula

The Three R's of Motivation

Time is Precious

Too Much Can Be Too Bad!

Tossing the Coin - Pay Secrecy

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Total Quality Management

Towards Meaningful Leadership

Towards Successful Outsourcing

Towards Total Responsibility Management (TRM)

Translate Life Interest

Turnover Cost Calculations

Twelve Formulas of Loyalty

Underlined for Success

Use a Business Case to Select and Prioritize Projects

Use Benchmarking to Improve Your Organization's Performance

Use Portfolio Management to Maximize the Value of Your IT Spending

Use Small Knowledge Management Solutions to Gain Initial Experience

Use the Capability Maturity Model® to Improve Your Development Processes

Using Opportunity-Based Design

Variable Pay Program

Virtual Organization - The New Buzzword

What Lies Beneath

What's In Store?

Winds of Change

Winning Thoughts

The Works Book

Workgroup Effectiveness in High Technology Manufacturing

Workload Planning is an Ongoing Process of Mapping Resources and Priorities

You Need to Save Information Before You Can Share It

Your Business Applications are Useless without a Good Support Staff