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This page contains supplemental content of interest to project managers and project team members. This content will increase your exposure into human resources concepts and ideas. All of these documents are in PDF format.

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ABC of BSC...

The ABCs of Behavior

Accommodating the Disabled 

Adversity Quotient  

Aligning HRM with Line Management

An Idea Can Change Your Life

Are You Working in a Series of Jobs or a Career? 

Assessing Jobs, Not People  

The Assessment Objective

At-Risk Compensation Policies

Attack a Team Morale Problem on Many Fronts

The Best Recruitment Consultants



The Case Interview  

'Cash'ing In

Cautious Rehiring  

Chief Concerns

Compensation and Commitment

Compensation and You

Connecting People

Consider Lateral Moves to Open New Career Opportunities  

Consultants Should be Wary of Complaining About Their Company in Front of the Client  

Corporate Branding

Corporate Politics

Critical Measurements

Developer Career Paths

Dealing with a Distant, Secretive Team Member

The Discussion of the Year

Diversity and Organizational Culture

Do You Think You Would be a Good Consultant?

Double-Edged Sword  

Effective Appraisal Process

Effective HR Practices

Effective Human Resource Planning  

An Effective Mentor

Efficiency at the Workplace

Employee Attitude Survey  

Employee Feedback System

Employee Turnover  

Enticing Talent

ERG Theory

The Evolution Story

Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews - A Tool

Exit Interviews Help in Retention Efforts

Fast Track Self-Induction

Fit to Fat - Can One Downsize Effectively?

The Generation Next

Get the Right Person on Board  

Getting Bunnies Without Carrots

Getting the Act Right

Global Human Resources  

The Great Disconnect

Hide and Prejudice

How to Break into the Project Management Field

How to Decrease Turnover and Increase Employee Retention 

How to Gain Credit for Project Success

How to Motivate Project Teams

HR Drives TQM

HR Strategy to Achieve Business Excellence

HR - The Cog in the Wheel of Strategy

Identify Career-Altering Events and Make Decisions Based on Your Preferences and Strengths 

Improving Employee Morale the Picnic Way


Innovative Motivators 

Inside the Perception Process

Integrated HRM: The Key to Manpower Retention

The Interviewing Edge  

Interviewing New Team Members

IT Development Career Paths

Knowledge, As It Is

The Latest Goldmine

A Layoff May Not be Within Your Control. Your Reaction to the Layoff Is.

Learn About Recruiters Before You Rely on Them 

Lying in the Workplace

Managing a Dispersed Project Team

Managing High Performance Teams

Managing Marginal Performers

Managing New Hires 

Managing Pay Hikes for Diverse Teams

Managing People in a Matrix Organization

Managing Personality Clashes 

Managing Teleworkers

Maximizing ROI on Intangibles

Me, Myself, and Internal Mobility

Meaningful Differentiation

Measuring Organizational Performance

Meeting the Soft Skills Demand 

Mitigate the Litigation

Motivating People 

Motivation-Hygiene Theory  

My Teacher Strongest

Negotiating for Success 

Net Policy

No More Jobs!

Non-Financial Rewards

Objective Hiring  

Of Successors and Predecessors

On Your Fingertips 

Online Screening  

Orchestrating Orientations

Panel Interviews  

Performance-Based Interviews  

The Performance Goal Nexus

Personal Profile Analysis  

Personal Relationships Can Impact Project Success

Personality Matters

Personality Testing 

Power and Politics

Prayer Answered!

Preventive Measures

A Proactive Employee  

Proactive Program 

A Profitable Manager  

Project Manager is Making Bad Technology Decisions

Put Your Foot Down!

Quick Tips to Retention 

Recruiting Strategies for Troubled Times  

Retaining High Performers 

Retention Management Model  

Retention Strategies  

The Right Compensation 

The Right Perception 

The Right Strategic HR Focus

The Road to Progress

Roller Coaster Ride

The Safer, The Better

Say Yes to Fun


Self Managed Teams

Should You Get Out of the IT Field?

Should You Hire Back on With a Former Employer?

Simulative Options 

Smart Interviewing 

Speedy HR Solutions

Staffing Strategies to Acquire New Technical Skills

Strategic Designs

Strategic Focus of HR

Strategy and Employees  

Successful Integration of HRIS

Successful Retention in Trying Times

Surging Ahead Through e-HRM

Surviving Team Turnover

Talent Differential 

Targeting Turnover with Career Path Programs

Tiding Over Uncertainty

Time Matters 

Time Out!

Top Up, Bottom Out

Tough Love

Turning Around a Dysfunctional Project Team

Try this Group Exercise to Improve Team Effectiveness

Value through Strategic Alignment

Wearable Computer

Web Savvy HR

Wedded Bliss

What is Motivation? 

When Employers Want Staff to Come Home to Roost 

When Should You Take Less Money for a New Job?

Why Interviews Fail  

Workforce Forecasts

Working Together!

Wrestling HRD

Your Flexibility to Take on New Challenges Will Shape Your Career Opportunities