A2 TenStep Writing Style


This page describes some disclaimers and caveats to keep in mind when using the TenStep® Project Management Process.

  • Concise explanations. This methodology is designed to provide a large degree of value, while also being as concise as possible. There is much more information that can be written for each of the steps in the process. For instance, there are entire books about the risk management process alone. Building a schedule is also the subject of many five-day classes. It is not the purpose of the TenStep process to provide an exhaustive and totally comprehensive amount of information on each step. The value of the TenStep process is that it clearly defines most of the information that is applicable to most projects, instead of trying to provide all content that would be applicable to all projects.

  • You” and “your” refers to the project manager. The methodology is written with the project manager as the intended audience. In many cases, the name 'project manager' is specifically mentioned. In other cases, the content may refer to 'you' or 'your'. The assumption is that 'you' (the reader) are a project manager. Obviously, anyone can read and apply the material. But remember it is written specifically for the project management role.

  • The pronouns “he” and “him” are used for consistency and simplicity. In prior released of TenStep, we used the pronouns “he or she” and “his or her” so that we did not imply the gender of a project manager. In our opinion, we found that this added too much clutter to the text. We have subsequently settled on the use of the pronouns “he” and “his” instead. This should in no way imply any gender bias. However, after referring to other publications and columns, we think that this is a common, standard and accepted manner in which to write.

  • The use of the term “dollars”.

    The TenStep process may refer to cost in terms of “dollars”. This is obviously an American bias. However, the same principles will apply regardless of whether your currency is US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Yen, etc. If you see US dollars as the currency used for cost, just substitute your currency instead.

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